Mlais M7 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-06-28 read/post comments()

The Mlais M7 smartphone has given us an overall pleasant experience thanks to its high-quality build and system performance. Speaking about the performance, the MT6752 SoC is able to deliver quite a bit especially when it is paired with HD displays so we were able to score over 47K in AnTuTu. The total of 3GB of RAM helps running multiple applications while the included 16GB of internal storage should be enough for most people to install their favorite applications without the need to install an extra microSDHC card, at least in the first stage. The fingerprint sensor works decent and we were not able to fool it by trying other fingerprints in order to unlock the device, which is impressive. read more

Matias Tactile Pro 4 Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2015-06-23 read/post comments()

The Keyboard Company has just started to bring in the Matias Tactile Pro and has lots of stock for potential enthusiast buyers. The newer v4 version is featuring re-engineered Matias Click switches compared to v3 and are meant to eliminate the ringing sound of the previous Fukka. Be warned that these are not designed to be silent and their sound is similar to a regular typewriter; however, the typing experience is unique and the product is recommended to people which write a lot of documents or get to work in accounting / do a lot of spreadsheet work. We would not recommend it for gaming purposes (the Quiet Pro is more suitable for that). read more

Blackview Zeta Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-06-19 read/post comments()

Blackview has taken a step ahead regarding their low-end smartphone line by releasing the Zeta which is available in multiple colors so the younger people with budget restrictions would be more attracted to it. We see it as a worthy successor of the Breeze, by sporting a friendlier look and the processor has been upgraded now to the octa-core MT6592 but at 1.4GHz in order to save battery life. Also, Zeta is equipped with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory which features a single partition. The cameras though are not stellar and while the manufacturer displays on the packaging the interpolated values, we are really dealing with a 2MP sensor for selfies and one 5MP sensor for the… read more

Lexar JumpDrive M20 Mobile USB 3.0 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2015-06-15 read/post comments()

The last USB 3.0 OTG flash drives we have tested were sporting a smaller footprint and also needed extra protective covers for avoiding damages to their connectors. In this case, the chassis is indeed bigger but no extra accessories are needed, while we can switch from one interface to another just by working with the slider. read more

Razer Seiren Elite USB Digital Microphone Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2015-06-13 read/post comments()

Thanks to the three 14mm condenser capsules, Seiren can function in four different modes: cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional or bidirectional, in order to accommodate different recording environments. Even if you do not use it in a professional environment, it should bring a lot of benefit to people which record streams daily/weekly thanks to the added clarity but also to the ones which talk a lot on Skype or any other audio/video conference programs. Talking again about non-professional scene, the device is really easy to set up and should not need any extra skills given you read the supplied manual and install Synapse software in a matter of minutes. read more

ADATA Premier SP600 128GB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2015-06-10 read/post comments()

The new revision of the ADATA Premier SP600 SSD is incorporating one of the newer Jmicron JMF670H controller, which is accompanied by one Nanya NT5CB64M16FP-DH as buffer and also eight ADATA-branded MLC NAND Flash memory chips. Premier SP600 is meant for the entry to mainstream market and while the product succeeds to deliver good read speeds, it fails to impress in the writes department. read more
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Apple Watch patent could allow file transfers with just a handshake

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Apple has come up with a great idea that could allow people to transfer data between their Apple Watches with simple gestures such as handshake, fist bump, or a bow. The Cupertino based company recently filed a patent that will… Go To Full Article

Bricasso 'printer' makes mosaic art out of Lego tiles

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
If you fancy playing with Lego blocks and you're not familiar with Jason Allemann, take a few minutes to browse his work. He's one set of hands behind JK Brickworks, a site that posts rather unique builds with the plastic… Go To Full Article

Micron is now shipping 20nm GDDR5 DRAM chips

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Micron Technology recently announced that it has begun shipping 8Gb (1GB) GDDR5 DRAM chips manufactured on a 20nm process to its customers. Micron isn’t the first to come up with 20nm DRAM chips as rival Samsung beat it by being… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Lumia 940XL confirmed to be powered by the Snapdragon 810 SoC

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
The upcoming Microsoft Lumia 940 XL has visited the GFXBench benchmark website recently, confirming that it is indeed going to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC. The benchmark also reveals that the device will feature a 5.7-inch Quad… Go To Full Article

Sony to soon begin manufacturing Xperia smartphones in India

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Japanese electronics giant Sony is reportedly quite serious about starting a manufacturing facility for Xperia smartphones in India. Sony India Managing Director Kenichiro Hibi told reporters recently that Sony is considering the possibility of manufacturing Xperia smartphones in the country… Go To Full Article

Google Earth gets two new features for its 10th birthday

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Can you believe that Google Earth has been around for a full decade now? To celebrate this milestone, Google unveiled a pair of striking new (and expanded) features to the planet virtualization system on Monday. The first is Voyager, which… Go To Full Article

HTC Aero tipped to be an ‘intermediate device’, coming to US this November

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Evan Blass, the man behind evleaks, has leaked some new info on HTC Aero, the smartphone expected to succeed the One M9 later this year as the company’s ‘hero device’. Surprisingly, evleaks claims that the device will be an ‘intermediate’… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Introduces A 128GB Version Of The Core i7 Surface Pro 3

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
This weekend Microsoft introduced a new model of the Surface Pro 3. Like the existing two Core i7 models, this new version uses Intel's Core i7-4650U CPU. At $1299 in the United States, the new model is significantly cheaper than… Go To Full Article

XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrossFire Video Card Review

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Our XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrossFire video card review is now online for your viewing pleasure. If you are planning a GPU upgrade in the near future, make sure you read this first. Today we review two XFX… Go To Full Article

'Top Gun 2' will pit Tom Cruise against drones

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Cinema always reflects our anxieties back onto us, so it's no surprise to see that the Top Gun sequel will involve unmanned aerial vehicles. Producer David Ellison told the Guardian that Tom Cruise will return to the series that made… Go To Full Article

EU gives Google more time

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
The European Commission (EC) has extended its deadline for Google to respond to allegations that it has indulged in antitrust behaviour. It was originally supposed to reply to the EC’s allegations last week, but Google has extended… Go To Full Article

Sapphire R9 390X Tri-X 8GB Review

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Today we take a look at one of the latest graphics cards from Sapphire – the new R9 390X featuring the latest version of their Tri-X cooling system. This top level graphics card ships in an overclocked state and features… Go To Full Article

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus expected to boost battery size to 3,000 mAh

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Apparently, the oft-rumored display diagonal increase will not be “Project Zero 2’s” only upgrade, though a processor downgrade may well negate the edgy handheld’s Plus suffix. Did anyone ask for a longer-lasting Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Oh, yes, we did,… Go To Full Article

Supreme Court won't touch Google's fight with Oracle over Android

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
When Oracle got a second chance at making Google pay for using Java programming kits in Android, the folks in Mountain View raced to the Supreme Court in hopes of stopping that renewed lawsuit dead in its tracks. Unfortunately for… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's 353.38 hotfix driver fixes Chrome crashes, G-Sync lag

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
If you're a Google Chrome user with an Nvidia graphics card who's experiencing browser crashes or other stability issues, the green team may have a solution. A new hotfix driver, version 353.38, quietly made its way online last week, and… Go To Full Article

London's getting the world's first all-electric double-decker bus

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
London's red double-decker buses are going green. No, we're not talking about a change to their iconic paint-jobs: Mayor Boris Johnson today announced plans to introduce an all-electric model in the capital. London is already served by hundreds of hy... Go To Full Article

Apple Watch patent would have you sharing files with a handshake

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Wondering how you'd exchange info between smartwatches when their displays are so small? Apple thinks it has an easy answer: make the same gestures you already use to greet your friends. The tech firm has applied for a patent on… Go To Full Article

Uber managers taken into custody in wake of French protests

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
After days of violent protests and defiance on the part of Uber's French head, two of the company's managers were taken into custody for "illicit activity" today. The Associated Press reports that the two employees were being held for questioning… Go To Full Article

XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition CrosFire Video Card Review

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Today we review two XFX R9 290X Black OC Edition video cards in CrossFire to see what quality 4K gaming we can achieve. We will be comparing this to a SLI GeForce GTX 970 configuration, in hopes of clearly defining… Go To Full Article

Micron blames PCs for revenue shortfalls

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
US memory maker Micron announced its quarterly financial results on June the 25th, with its CEO, Marc Durcan, blaming the personal computer segment for results not as bright as it and the stock market expected. Micron, like… Go To Full Article

Belkin Announces Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter Kit with Audio

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Belkin, a trusted leader of technology solutions for office, classroom, IT infrastructure, and mobile environments, today announced availability of its new Universal HDMI to VGA Adapter Kit with Audio, the only branded, multi-purpose adapter kit that gives existing legacy equipment… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Addresses Google Chrome Bug with GeForce Hotfix Update

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
NVIDIA released a GeForce driver update, version 353.38 Hotfix (not WHQL signed), that addresses a software bug that affects users of the popular Google Chrome web-browser. Users of the GPU-accelerated web-browsers have been reporting crashes (both of the browser and… Go To Full Article

BBC loses the rights to the Olympics

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Think of the Olympics and you'll likely remember catching some action on the BBC. The Beeb has helped televise the Games since 1948 and delivered more coverage than ever before in 2012, but from 2020, it may no longer be… Go To Full Article

Google Maps to include every US railroad crossing

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
US Railway crossing accidents are up sharply over last year, but the Federal Railway Administration (FRA) is about to get some high-tech help. Google's Maps will soon include the locations of every public and private highway rail crossing location in... Go To Full Article

Mlais M7 review: Lots of Lollipop on a budget

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
The Mlais M7 is another value phablet based on a very familiar recipe – 5.5-inch screen, MediaTek octa-core, 13-megapixel camera and a killer price tag. In case you kept track of smartphone trends in Asia this… Go To Full Article

Apple is bumping the iTunes Match limit to 100,000 songs

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
When Apple first revealed iTunes Match -- the service that lets you add your own, non-Apple purchased music to iTunes -- the 25,000 song limit probably seemed huge. That was way back in 2011, however, and Apple VP Eddy Cue… Go To Full Article

TSMC to be a winner for Apple chips

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
While the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) already makes semiconductors for Apple that generate 20 percent of its considerable revenues, it looks like the next generation of microprocessors for future iPhones and tablets will make even more money for the… Go To Full Article

Acer Liquid Jade S Smartphone Review

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
A little while ago we had a look at the Acer Liquid Jade – the first device in Acer’s Liquid Jade smartphone range. Today we are looking at the Liquid Jade S, the successor to the original Liquid Jade. With… Go To Full Article

Want to be the Face of TechPowerUp?

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
TechPowerUp's foray into the YouTube medium can be led by you. Yes, you! Do you think you can talk hardware and gaming in front of a camera, for our thousands of readers? If so, sign up for our TechPowerUp YouTube… Go To Full Article

The Samsung Exynos 7420 Deep Dive - Inside A Modern 14nm SoC

@ 2015/06/30 read/post comments(0)
Over the past few years it’s been somewhat expected tradition for Samsung Electronics to employ a strategy of multi-sourcing the SoC for their mobile devices. Most notably it’s the on the North American and specifically CDMA markets that we saw… Go To Full Article

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