Intel Octacore i7-5960X Haswell-E Review Part I

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2014-08-29 read/post comments()

August 29, 2014 the launch date of another of Intel's finest desktop processors. This time the enthusiast range gets a complete overhaul! Bye bye Ivy Bridge-E, welcome 22nm successor Haswell-E and it is more than a new processor architecture; DDR4 memory support is finally here. Now in contradiction to other launch articles and due to time constraints the exploring of Intel's latest marvel will be spread out over a few parts. Having just received the sample from Intel a few days back it was nearly impossible to properly explore the new architecture. First of all our official Intel sample was lost for over a week in the Benelux Bermuda Triangle; secondly the main motherboard manufacturer which promised us a board… read more

CRYORIG R1 Universal CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2014-08-25 read/post comments(0)

CRYORIG launches onto the CPU cooler market with a bang. Their R1 cooler is build to cool down the hottest of CPU out there, weighing over 1000 gram and equipped with 2x140mm fans this product means business, let's see how it does! read more

HIS R9 290 iPower IceQ X2 OC 4GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by stefan @ 2014-08-25 read/post comments()

By using a proven high-quality cooling system and also adding a few bonuses like a custom backplate, HIS is releasing a pre-overclocked R9 290 which trades punches with the Nvidia GTX 770. While the factory overclock is quite mild, we will be able to raise the clocks even further in order to enhance the gaming experience even more. read more

Crucial MX100 256GB Solid State Drive Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2014-08-21 read/post comments()

The Crucial MX100 SSD we are reviewing today offers plenty of performance and is bundled with the Acronis True Image HD for easy cloning when transferring data from an older SSD or mechanical drive. The product comes in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB flavors and is very affordable. read more

Thecus N2310 Soho/Home NAS Server Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2014-08-19 read/post comments()

This time we will review an entry-level NAS from Thecus, with an AMCC APM 86491 800MHz processor which is paired with 512MB of DDR3. The device works on the latest ThecusOS version and for storage expansion we have two USB ports, one of which is 2.0 and the other USB 3.0. read more

CORSAIR CARBIDE SPEC 01 Gaming Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2014-08-18 read/post comments(0)

Corsair surprised friend and foe when they released the Carbide SPEC series: three affordable gaming enclosures would join the ranks of Corsairs elite enclosure lineup. With affordable Corsair really meant affordable; take for example the SPEC 01 which retails at just below the 50 dollar mark, thus similar priced as many OEM products. Usually the latter means low build quality, average hardware compatibility, a maximum trim down in functionality and features to keep the price as low as possible. In fact everything which a CORSAIR case is renowned for is missing in many OEM solutions. Time for the Fremont giant to show the world it can be done differently. read more
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Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Processor Preview

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Intel has upped the ante for LGA2011 systems with the new LGA2011-V3 specification, comprising the new X99 chipset and Haswell-E CPUs. The top-end Core i7-5960X is Intel’s first consumer 8-core CPU and boasts an amazing 20 megabytes of on-chip cache… Go To Full Article

G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Achieves DDR4 Memory Record at 4004 MHz

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
G.SKILL International Co. Ltd., the leading high performance memory designer and manufacturer, is proud to announce breaking the DDR4 memory speed record at 4004 MHz extreme frequency. G.SKILL never stops pushing the computing performance to the limits.… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Lumia 730 and 735 caught on camera

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft’s plans to announce the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 at IFA 2014 next month have already been confirmed, and leaked images are giving us a clear look at the Lumia 730 ahead of its official unveiling. The leaked images… Go To Full Article

ASUS Announces X99 Series Motherboards

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
ASUS today announced X99-Deluxe, X99-Pro and X99-A, three new ATX motherboards based on the Intel X99 chipset and packed with exclusive technologies, including OC Socket and 5-Way Optimization, to ensure ultimate performance from the latest LGA 2011-v3 Intel Core i7… Go To Full Article

The Big Picture: a heat map of the 'entire' internet

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, though, let's say it's worth millions and millions of internet connections. Thanks to John Matherly, founder of Shodan, a search engine which focuses on helping companies… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
The Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E CPU arrived Technic3D. We will check the new High-End Processor from Intel on a X99-Mainboard with DDR4 Ram, against the Intel Core i7-4770K, 4960X, 3960X, i5-4670K, AMD A10-7850K and many more. More see you in… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 5960X Extreme Edition Review @ OCC

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
"It's good to finally have Intel refresh the Extreme line up and take that step up to an eight core processor to do it. There are distributed computing crunchers just salivating at the performance potential that comes along with the… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE X99 Motherboard Launch

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
In previous generations, GIGABYTE has often been ambitious with the number of models it produces and supports. X99 is no different, so while the other manufacturers have four or five models coming through launch and September, GIGABYTE is starting with… Go To Full Article

ASUS X99 Launch

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
The launch today is one of the biggest in the last few years, with DRAM, CPU and Chipset all getting a refresh. Understandably ASUS is getting in on the action, and they sent over their PRs detailing what they have… Go To Full Article

Intel i7-5960X and X99 Review at HardwareHeaven

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
"This is our review of the Intel Core i7-5960X and we will be running it on one of Gigabytes latest X99 boards along with some of Corsairs DDR4-2800MHz, 16GB of it to be exact." Go To Full Article

ASRock on X99 Motherboards

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
It is safe to say that all the motherboard manufacturers have been ambitious for the X99 launch. While I recently gave kudos to one of the others for supporting eight motherboards at launch, it would seem that ASRock is keen… Go To Full Article

MSI X99 Motherboards Launched

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
With the X99 and Haswell-E platforms being launched today, MSI is coming to market officially with four models on sale with another coming soon. We took a look at the MSI X99S SLI PLUS when it was leaked earlier this… Go To Full Article

The Intel Haswell-E CPU Review

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Today marks the release of Intel’s latest update to its Extreme processor line with a trio of Haswell-E models including Intel’s first consumer socketed 8-core product. This is the update from Ivy Bridge-E, which includes an IPC increase, a new… Go To Full Article

The Alienware Area-51 gaming rig just got one hell of a redesign

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
After a few years finding itself/getting a heavy-duty industrial makeover, Alienware's well-respected (and, importantly, customizable) desktop gaming PC has returned. The Area-51 isn't small, but it now has a new triangular... hexagonal...... Go To Full Article

Sentey Crimson Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review @ TestFreaks

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
"Up for review today I have an excellent product, one that I've come to love honestly, it's the Crimson Pro mechanical gaming keyboard from a company called Sentey and it features Cherry MX Black switches. The Crimson Pro has plenty… Go To Full Article

Adobe Photoshop Mix lets you undo mistakes, nab Dropbox files

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Adobe's Photoshop Mix offering for Apple's slates arrived a few months back alongside its Ink and Slide drawing tools, and it's not letting the app sit too long before adding new features. The latest version adds an undo/redo option that'll… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX Demos DDR4 Memory at PAX Prime

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it will demo next-generation HyperX Predator DDR4 Memory during PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, Washington, beginning today through September 1, 2014. HyperX Predator… Go To Full Article

Dotcom Loses In Court Again

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Damn, this guy loses at every turn. It almost makes you feel bad for Kim Dotcom. Almost. Kim Dotcom has lost his appeal to keep his worldwide assets hidden from Hollywood in advance of a Court of Appeal hearing in… Go To Full Article

Steam's in-home streaming accelerated by GeForce GPUs

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Steam's in-home streaming feature has been in open beta since May. The scheme streams PC games from one machine to another on a local network, and it should now work better for folks with Nvidia graphics cards. Valve has added… Go To Full Article

Publishers Too Reluctant To Embrace New Consoles

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Are publishers too reluctant to embrace new consoles? I don't know, maybe they have commitment issues. Given the pattern, it's hard to shake the distinct feeling that publishers are simply uneasy about this generation. An extra holiday season would give… Go To Full Article

Tesla opening up 400 EV charging stations across 120 Chinese cities

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
There aren't more electric cars because there's no infrastructure, but there's no infrastructure because there's no demand. It's this chicken-and-egg problem that Elon Musk is hoping to end, at least in China, after a signing a deal that'll see Tesla...… Go To Full Article

Asus X99 Deluxe @ LanOC Reviews

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
We can't very well look at the i7-5960X from Intel and not do a motherboard along with it right? As the first of what expect to me a list of X99 motherboards I will be covering, I wanted to put… Go To Full Article

Intel i7-5960X Haswell-E @ LanOC Reviews

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
If it feels like we were just right here not to long ago talking about Intel's latest CPU it is because we were. They launched their Devils Canyon CPUs about two and a half months ago and here we are… Go To Full Article

Corsair Graphite 380T Review @ Vortez

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
380T is Corsair’s latest computer chassis to offer dedicated Mini-ITX support. This dainty computer case is packed with useful features such as a three-speed fan controller, integrated carry handle, and support for high-performance graphics cards and a 240mm radiator. It… Go To Full Article

Corsair Graphite 380T @ techPowerUp

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Corsair is aiming to take the Graphite series on the road with the Graphite 380T. A compact Mini-ITX chassis with a solid grip and sweet looks, it certainly has the specs to be an awesome LAN-gaming rig. But all this… Go To Full Article

Digital Storm Adds Intel X99 Chipset to Enthusiast Level Gaming PCs

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Digital Storm is excited to add Intel's X99 Chipset to its line of high performance gaming systems, like the award winning Aventum II. The X99 launch marks a giant step forward in the evolution of technology at the enthusiast PC… Go To Full Article

MSN Messenger will finally, definitely be dead in October

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft's 15-year-old MSN Messaging service will soon be a part of computer lore. It has been shut down in most places for over a year, but Microsoft kept it running in China where it was still quite popular. However, with… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Raven RV05-BW Chassis

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
The Silverstone Raven RV05-BW case is on the test bench today at aTeknix. You can see our evaluation here for comparison purposes. Silverstone are back again with the latest entry in their now legendary Raven series. We've always loved the… Go To Full Article

Fake NVIDIA Graphics Cards Spotted In Germany

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
If you are shopping for a budget GPU, be warned that there are reportedly fake NVIDIA graphics cards floating around in Germany right now. "Several fake NVIDIA cards — probably GeForce GT 440 — have had their BIOS reflashed to… Go To Full Article

Corsair Graphite 380T Review

@ 2014/09/01 read/post comments(0)
No doubt you are beginning to lose track of all the cases that Corsair has in its range but honestly, the Graphite 380T is easy to remember. You see it is Mini-ITX and it has a handle on the top,… Go To Full Article

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