VKWorld VK2015 Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-05-03 read/post comments()

Based on the older MT6582 quad-core SoC from MediaTek, the VK2015 low-cost smartphone is snappy enough for being used with the latest social applications like Facebook, Skype but also for playing simple games as Angry Birds. The chassis has rounded edges and a rubberized plastic back cover, it is easy to hold and be used with a single hand because of the smaller footprint and does not creak when pressed in certain areas. Thanks to the dual-SIM feature, we are offered more flexibility if we use two different service providers. read more

Meizu MX4 32GB Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-04-28 read/post comments()

MEIZU MX4 is quite an unique smartphone, which is available in 16GB and 32GB versions at Fastcardtech and incorporates a high-performance 20.7MP sensor from Sony, the MediaTek MT6595 big.LITTLE SoC with eight cores, is paired with 2GB of RAM and runs the latest version of Flyme operating system, based on Android 4.4.2. read more

Dell Venue 11 Pro 7140 Convertible Review

Mobile/Tablets by stefan @ 2015-04-23 read/post comments()

If you are looking for a professional looking convertible with the latest available low power consumption Intel Core M processor which is paired with 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and comes with a fully-fledged Windows 8.1 Pro operating system, then look no further, your answer is here! read more

Corsair Gaming Sabre Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2015-04-21 read/post comments()

We have tried multiple titles (Heroes of the Storm, Dying Light, Dirty Bomb, CounterStrike Global Offensive) with the Sabre Optical RGB and we were pretty impressed with the overall comfort, which was matched by precision thanks to the latest Avago ADNS S3988 6400DPI sensor. The mouse was designed only to be used by right-handers and on the laterals we have an arched design for obtaining a good grip.   read more

Blackview Breeze Smartphone Review

Mobile/Smart Phones by stefan @ 2015-04-16 read/post comments()

This model was mainly built for people with lower budgets, which do not have enough cash to invest in higher-specced models and Blackview has picked one of the mainstream SoCs (MT6582) of 2013 to equip it, which now also has sources for building Android 5.0 distributions. read more

QNAP TVS-863+ AMD Turbo vNAS Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2015-04-10 read/post comments()

With the latest TVS-863+ 10GbE-ready Turbo vNAS, QNAP is proposing a centralized solution featuring the latest technologies and integrating new AMD-based hardware with the quad-core embedded SoC which is clocked at 2.4GHz, which is also powered by AMD Radeon Graphics. The system is housed inside a proven mini-tower NAS metallic case, with a LCD screen and buttons in order to perform some actions right from the frontal area. read more
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[M] VKWorld VK2015 Smartphone Review

@ 2015/05/03 read/post comments(0)
Based on the older MT6582 quad-core SoC from MediaTek, the VK2015 low-cost smartphone is snappy enough for being used with the latest social applications like Facebook, Skype but also for playing simple games as Angry Birds. The chassis has rounded… Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 update makes the digital transition easier

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
It turns out that support for bigger external hard drives isn't all that the latest Xbox 360 preview's packing. The surprise features aren't huge by any means but they're pretty self explanatory and as of now should make using the… Go To Full Article

'Star Wars' streaming finally comes to the UK on May 4th

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
When the Star Wars saga finally became available to buy on digital storefronts like iTunes and Google Play, we hoped it would only be a matter of time until Disney and Fox made them available to stream. Thankfully, that's now… Go To Full Article

Apple confirms tattoos can mess with the Watch's heart sensor

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
After the Internet was awash with reports that tattoos can negatively affect the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, Apple has confirmed the issue on its website. In a page dedicated to explaining how the Watch captures your vitals, the company… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's 9-series motherboards are Broadwell-ready

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
The desktop versions of Intel's Broadwell CPU aren't available yet, but motherboard manufacturers are making sure their products are ready well before the new chips arrive. Gigabyte has announced that all of its H97 and Z97 boards are Broadwell-compatible with… Go To Full Article

A Quick Look at One M9 RAW Photos

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Yesterday, HTC updated their HTC Camera application for devices with HTC Sense. Normally, this isn't worth discussing, but the changelog had an entry for RAW photography mode on the One M9. For those that are unfamiliar with… Go To Full Article

Microsoft partners up to get 3D printing into Windows 10

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Software giant Microsoft is making Windows 10 capable of running a 3D printer and it is leaning on its software partners to provide the goods. Steve Guggenheimer, Microsoft vice president of developer and platform evangelism, has been… Go To Full Article

Sony kills its head-mounted video display to go all-in on VR

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
For those with long-ish memories, Sony's HMZ series of head-mounted displays were a very rudimentary way to catch movies on a "750-inch screen." Of course, strapping one to your face wasn't a very social way to spend an evening, so… Go To Full Article

Compro TN900RW 720P PTZ Network Camera Review @ Technogog

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
"Lately I've seen more of a trend of moving toward a connected home where you specifically can control devices while you're not there. We've had IP style security cameras for a while now and they're getting better all the time,… Go To Full Article

AMD Cuts Prices of Radeon R9 285

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
As the Spring PC upgrade season heats up, AMD decided to woo mainstream gamers away from NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 960, by working with retailers in the EU to introduce price-cuts on its Radeon R9 285 graphics card. The card can… Go To Full Article

ASRock Develops Mini-ITX LGA2011v3 Motherboard with Quad-Channel Memory

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
They've done it! After building the first LGA2011v3 motherboard in the mini-ITX form-factor, letting you cram up to 8 "Haswell" cores into a lunchbox-sized PC, albeit having to make do with just dual-channel memory; ASRock developed the first mini-ITX motherboard… Go To Full Article

Russia launches its third 'world's quietest' submarine

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Russian defense contractor Admiralty Shipyards launched the latest of its ultra-modern Varshavyanka-class diesel-electric submarines earlier this week. Dubbed the Krasnodar, this sub is the third of six its class. These vessels are primarily designed... Go To Full Article

Apple Watch BOM estimated at $81.20

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
The Apple Watch has a bill of material (BOM) cost of just over $80, which is not bad for a device retailing at $350+. Research firm IHS estimates the BOM of the Apple Watch Sport 38mm,… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Mammoth MM01 Review

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
The Silverstone "Mammoth" MM01 is built for folks who want a robust case that can protect systems or servers in harsh conditions. It's completely dust and spill-proof with a HEPA air filter, front and back panels designed to deflect liquid… Go To Full Article

Mozilla: All new web features should require secure HTTP

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
A number of internet organizations and even the government want websites to use encryption by default in the future, and from the sound of it, Mozilla shares their view. The non-profit has announced that it plans to limit the capabilities… Go To Full Article

Noctua NH-D9L Review @ OCC

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
"Noctua, like always, continues to make its products with considerable thought and care. The NH-D9L fills a even greater gap than the NH-U9S, while still covering the basics by focus on the low performance stock coolers from both Intel and… Go To Full Article

Ford explains why Sync supports Apple and Google car apps

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
With both Apple and Google wrangling to become the infotainment center of your next new car, Ford will be choosing neither. Or both, depending on how you look at it. During an interview with Re/code, Ford CEO Mark Fields provided… Go To Full Article

Windows 10 for PCs on track for release this summer

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Windows 10 for PCs is on track for this summer, but phones and Xbox will have to wait a while longer for their upgrades. Microsoft VP of operating systems Joe Belfiore said today that his company is committed to bringing… Go To Full Article

Here's what happens when a lithium-ion battery overheats

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Lithium ion batteries are practically ubiquitous; they power everything from laptops and cell phones to cameras and tablets. But before they can start providing the juice for bigger and more demanding applications, research about their failure needs ... Go To Full Article

Microsoft wants third-party apps for its fitness tracker

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft Band users might get to enjoy a lot more third-party apps in the near future. Redmond has released the full Band SDK, giving developers power to create fully functional apps for the fitness tracker. The company already launched a… Go To Full Article

AMD Crossfire Freesync Update: Delayed

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
When AMD launched Freesync back in March, one of the limitations of the initial launch version was that only single-GPU configurations were supported. Multi-GPU Crossfire systems could not be used with Freesync, requiring users to trade-off between Crossfire and Freesync.… Go To Full Article

AMD to take on Intel with 8-core FM3 socket ‘Zen’ desktop CPUs next year

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
AMD’s 2015-2016 desktop and mobility roadmaps have been leaked on the web, giving us an early sneak peek at what the company has in store for us in 2016. According to the leaked roadmap, AMD is going to come up… Go To Full Article

Xiaomi Mi5 Plus rumored to be a bezel-less 6-inch beast

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Earlier this week, a rumor from China revealed some information about the Xiaomi Mi5. Today, new rumors have surfaced that detail the specifications of the Xiaomi Mi5 as well as the Mi5 Plus. Just like the previous leak, this time… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti could feature GM200-310 GPU & 6GB memory

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
As we reported a few weeks back, NVIDIA is working on a new Maxwell graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Some new info on the card has arrived today via the website Videocardz. The website claims to have heard… Go To Full Article

Xbox Game Streaming Demonstrated At Build

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Today I got a chance to try the new game streaming ability of Xbox One at a breakout session. For those that are unaware, Xbox Game Streaming will allow you to broadcast your console gaming experience to any Windows 10… Go To Full Article

Roman school kids give the Pope a drone of his own

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
From pizza to Fiats, people love giving gifts to Pope Francis. Most recently, students from a Jesuit school in Rome presented the Holy See with a customized quadcopter painted in the colors of the the Vatican flag and replete with… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Details Windows 10 Staggered Release Schedule

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Today at a special breakout session, Corporate VP of the Operating Systems Group Joe Belfiore confirmed that the launch schedule for Windows 10 is going to be summer (he would go no more specific than that) but that it will… Go To Full Article

Microsoft can guess your age using facial recognition

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Since we're right smack in the middle of Microsoft's BUILD dev conference, the company's showing off one of it's Azure APIs with a site you can put to the test. How-Old.net allows you to upload a picture before the site… Go To Full Article

California ACLU chapter unveils police-monitoring video app

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
In an effort to reduce police abuses that have occurred with frightening regularity throughout the US, the Southern California branch of the ACLU has just released a new smartphone app designed to securely record your next interaction with law enforc... Go To Full Article

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone Review

@ 2015/05/01 read/post comments(0)
Samsung is one of the largest manufactures of smartphones and tablets. In this review we look at the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone with a 5.1 inch Quad HD display. Go To Full Article

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