BIOSTAR A10N-8800E Motherboard Review

Motherboards/IntegratedCPU by stefan @ 2019-03-14 read/post comments(0)

After installing a DDR4 memory kit, some storage (NVMe preferably since it does take less space and no cables are required), we can enjoy quite a bit of performance in a small package, the main point of attraction being the AMD R7 Graphics inside. While the CPU side does not have a lot of single-core performance, applications that need multiple threads of execution perform better on this particular SoC, allowing multimedia applications to run at decent levels. When acquiring this particular board, keep in mind that you also need to provide a good airflow, otherwise the fan will produce quite a bit of noise, even after it has been calibrated.       read more

CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT Mechanical Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2019-03-06 read/post comments(0)

Thanks to the included MX Brown switches, this keyboard is ideal for typing documents, by offering a tactile bump; it does not offer the RGB features of modern gaming keyboards, so it would fit better in offices where you perform your day-to-day activities. We are getting the full n-key rollover functionality (all keys are being read at the same time), while anti-ghosting makes sure that there will be no input errors. Despite the lack of software to drive the LEDs, we can always control these via the dedicated function keys and multimedia buttons are available for the user as well. read more


Memory by stefan @ 2019-02-26 read/post comments(0)

The new DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB kits from CORSAIR do feature a really impressive lighting system thanks to the 12 bright CAPELLIX LEDs and are driven by the already-proven unified iCUE software. These include a custom 10-layer PCB for good signal quality and the ICs are well binned in order to meet the product specifications. We have found out that these kits also have a bit of overclocking headroom, if you are willing to increase the voltage up to 1.4. read more

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2019-02-22 read/post comments()

The new Arctic Pro Wireless headset is easy to set up, while the multitude of configuration options can be accessed either using the base station or SteelSeries Engine 3. Thanks to the chassis materials, the headset is quite light, while the adjustable woven sky google fabric suspension headband makes sure it will fit all head sizes and shapes. As the manufacturer does explain, only the Arctis Pro + GameDAC offering is fully Hi-Res audio certified, since the 2.4GHz wireless tech cannot support sampling rates higher than 48K. Even in this situation, we do find the same Hi-Res drivers as with the wired (GameDAC) version, while the 2.4GHz transmission mode used is lossless, for high-fidelity purposes. read more

Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine DDR4 Gaming Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2019-02-17 read/post comments()

If you are a mainstream user and do not care for RGB lighting effects, Silicon Power has a solid solution with their XPOWER Turbine kits, that also feature Samsung ICs. Despite the XMP rating of 2666MHz C16 of our kit, it still has some overclocking potential, if you take your time and do proper testing. The module heatspreaders height is quite low at about 38.2mm, so it should be no issue when installing large air coolers as well. read more

SuperMicro C9Z390-PGW Z390 LGA1151 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/Intel S1151 by stefan @ 2019-02-10 read/post comments(0)

SuperMicro have quite impressed us with their latest C9Z390-PGW board, that features server-quality hardware components for the VRMs, a Broadcom ExpressLane PLX PEX 8747 that is able to take x16 lanes from the CPU and outputs no less than x32 PCI-E 3.0 lanes, that helps when using dual-VGA configurations, no less than two LAN interfaces, one being 10Gbit (Aquantia® AQC107 10G Ethernet Controller) and a good Realtek ALC1220 implementation. Wi-Fi is also available via the pre-installed Intel AC 9560 module, that also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. read more
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Facebook pulls 1.5 million mass murder videos

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
New Zealand mosque attack live stream shut down Social notworking site Facebook said it had pulled 1.5 million videos globally of the New Zealand mosque attack in the first 24 hours after the attack. … Go To Full Article

Microsoft winning thanks to Amazon fears

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Rivals worry about Amazon support Software King of the World Microsoft is doing rather well in the cloud wars because some of the bigger retailers are worried about handing over their cash to rival Amazon. Go To Full Article

Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB Chassis

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
" ... Corsair continues to raise the stakes will their offering of the Crystal 680X RGB. This chassis pretty much has everything you could ask for and it would be insane to not recommend this chassis! " Go To Full Article

Internet Archive races to preserve public Google+ posts

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Just because Google+ is shutting down on April 2nd doesn't mean your years of social posts will be lost in the void. The ArchiveTeam recently started caching public Google+ content to make it available on the Internet Archive after the… Go To Full Article

Steam partners can use Valve's network to speed up game traffic

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Don't be surprised if the online performance of some Steam games happens to get a boost. Valve has released a software framework that lets Steam partners make use of its network. The move should improve the connection quality (including lower… Go To Full Article

Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Now that the $35,000 Model 3 is here, Tesla appears ready to streamline its options. The automaker has removed the Mid Range battery option from its Model 3 configuration tool, leaving a gap between the Standard Range and Standard Range… Go To Full Article

Textiles become circuits in 'The Embroidered Computer'

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Google and others have developed smart clothing with built-in integrated circuits, but what if the textile itself formed the circuit? That's the idea behind The Embroidered Computer, an interactive installation from artist and researcher Irene Posch... Go To Full Article

NASA's latest cubesat candidates include a solar sail test

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative is still going strong nine years after it was first announced. In fact, the agency has just revealed the 16 small satellite projects hitching a ride on bigger missions from 2020 to 2022. The selected CubeSats,… Go To Full Article

AMD's 7nm Navi GPU Rumored to Launch Roughly a Month after Ryzen 3000

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Contradicting earlier rumors of an October launch, the Wccftech gang is claiming AMD has told partners its 7nm Navi GPU will launch "exactly a month" after the debut of its next-generation Ryzen processors. With the conundrum of low yields somewhat… Go To Full Article

Amazon's Virginia headquarters clears a key political hurdle

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Amazon just took a large step closer to establishing a second headquarters in Virginia. The Arlington County Board has voted unanimously in favor of granting Amazon an estimated $51 million incentive package that includes $23 million in cash over 15...… Go To Full Article

Facebook pulled over 1.5 million videos of New Zealand shooting

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Internet giants have been racing to pull copies of the New Zealand mass shooter's video from their sites, and Facebook is illustrating just how difficult that task has been. Facebook New Zealand's Mia Garlick has revealed that the social network… Go To Full Article

The Polestar 2 is more than just a pretty face

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
The Polestar 2 was unveiled ahead of the Geneva motor show via a livestream from Sweden. The automaker wanted more time to chat about the electric vehicle than the typical 15 to 20 minutes allotted at auto shows while also… Go To Full Article

IKEA makes furniture more accessible with 3D printing

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
If you live with disabilities, shopping for furniture can be difficult. Many common furniture items aren't designed with accessibility in mind, and those that are can be rare or non-existent. IKEA Israel has a technological solution: 3D print piece... Go To Full Article

Two thirds of Android antivirus apps don't work properly

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
It can be wise to secure your Android phone with antivirus software, but which ones can you count on? You can rule out most of them, apparently. AV-Comparatives has tested 250 antivirus apps for Google's platform, and only 80 of… Go To Full Article

Steam mods will filter 'off-topic review bombs' from ratings

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
One of the issues with relying on user reviews to rate content is the possibility that some of those reviews may not be written in entirely good faith. Recently Rotten Tomatoes took new steps to manage the impact of fake… Go To Full Article

Neil deGrasse Tyson will continue with 'Cosmos' after investigation

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Fox and National Geographic have completed their investigation into Neil deGrasse Tyson over alleged sexual misconduct, and have decided to give both Cosmos: Possible Worlds and StarTalk the go-ahead. While the channels didn't reveal their findings (... Go To Full Article

Epic Games Store plans include cloud saves and achievements

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Don't worry if you think the Epic Games Store's features are threadbare at the moment -- there's a good chance the features you like are in the pipeline. Epic has posted a public roadmap for its portal, and you can… Go To Full Article

Microsoft releases Windows Defender extensions for Chrome and Firefox

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Microsoft has developed and started testing Windows Defender Application Guard extensions for both Chrome and Firefox to better protect enterprise PCs. The feature, which used to be an Edge exclusive, keeps PCs safe by opening web pages not included... Go To Full Article

Stanford study finds Apple Watch can detect irregular heart rhythms

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Stanford has released the results of its Apple Watch-based heart study more than a year after it began, and it appears to have been a success, with a few caveats. Only 0.5 percent of the more than 400,000 volunteers received… Go To Full Article

Corsair M65 RGB Elite Review

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Today we test on the Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse. Corsair has analyzed many reviews regarding its predecessor and now releases a new and improved version of the Corsair M65. The Corsair M65 RGB Elite Gaming Mouse has… Go To Full Article

HUAWEI P30 Pro Super Zoom SNEAK Preview @ Blue Concert!

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
The HUAWEI P30 Pro is not here yet, but we were able to get our hands on some super zoom shots taken by the P30 Pro camera at the recent Blue concert! Go To Full Article

BioWare Warns Hostile Replies Make Developers Less Likely to Engage

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
BioWare appears to be fed up with the pessimism surrounding Anthem and the antics of its players: in a lengthy post on r/AnthemTheGame offering insight on the company's lack of communication, community manager Jesse Anderson admitted that many developers have… Go To Full Article

Corsair Carbide Series 678C Review @ Vortez

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Corsair adds an E-ATX capable mid-tower to the Carbide Series which focuses primarily on silence. With PWM fan controller, USB 3.1 Gen2 and more... is this the best silent enclosure money can buy? Go To Full Article

Owning a Call of Duty eSports franchise could cost $25 million

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Activision Blizzard is apparently making headway with the launch of the city-based Call of Duty League it announced in February. According to ESPN, an esports executive from the company has already been meeting with prospective buyers -- namely profe... Go To Full Article

Netgear's latest gaming router goes on sale in April for $199

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Whether you're playing Fortnite, Apex Legends or PUBG, less lag means more wins. Netgear promises its new gaming router will deliver both. The company debuted the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 WiFi Router at SXSW this week. It'll be available worldwide...… Go To Full Article

Overwatch League teams will play in their home cities next season

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
The Overwatch League is going on the road next season, as all teams will be playing in their home cities, according to commissioner Nate Nanzer. Last year's inaugural season took place entirely at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, save… Go To Full Article

Reddit bans gore-, death-focused channels following NZ mosque attack

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Following other social networks, Reddit has also faced people trying to reshare video of a terrorist attack on a mosque in New Zealand. Now two notorious subreddits, r/watchpeopledie and r/Gore have been banned for hosting links to it. Washington Pos...… Go To Full Article

'The Sims 4' will stop supporting 32-bit PCs in June

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
We hope you weren't determined to run The Sims 4 on the same PC you had when it came out in 2014. The developers have warned that the life simulator will end support for 32-bit operating systems and non-Metal Macs… Go To Full Article

Twitter tests conversation 'subscriptions'

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
Twitter is testing yet another new feature: a "subscribe to conversation" button that would let users follow a thread without liking or replying to it. Twitter user and software engineer Jane Manchun Wong (who's known for finding this kind of… Go To Full Article

Noctua NF-F12 PWM chromax Fan @ TechPowerUp

@ 2019/03/18 read/post comments(0)
The chromax series from Noctua is their answer to the many requests from customers wanting more color options beyond tan and brown, while retaining all the new technology from their R&D department. The NF-F12 PWM chromax is an all-black version… Go To Full Article

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