Dream Machines DM4 EVO S Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2023-03-30 read/post comments(0)

The DM4 EVO S can track at higher DPI values versus its predecessor thanks to the updated sensor and we found the overall experience smooth while trying Diablo 3, Wolcen, Days Gone and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves on our 2K display. The tracking experience is like the Mountain Makalu 67 which we really enjoyed, and this is complemented by the shoelace cable which is very flexible. read more

Silicon Power Mobile C07 USB 3.2 Gen1 USB Type-C 256GB Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2023-03-26 read/post comments(0)

The Marvel C07 USB-C 3.2 Gen1 offers entry-level performance for the supported bus, but it should be fine for most mainstream applications, since it does not heat up at all. We can use it to transfer data from mobile devices supporting OTG as well and can be dedicated as a secondary backup device (besides cloud) when moving large quantities of data; in this case we would recommend going for either the 128 or 256GB variant. read more

CHERRY GENTIX 4K Office Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2023-03-19 read/post comments(0)

The 70mm width of the GENTIX 4K needs some time for adjustment, but afterwards the mouse is quite comfortable; the buttons are a bit harder to press versus mice with Kailh mechanical switches such as the T.G.A series from AQIRYS, and the USB cable is not as flexible as we have seen with more recent gaming mice. read more

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus-G NVMe Gen4 2280 2TB SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2023-03-12 read/post comments(0)

The new Rocket 4 Plus-G 2TB performed admirably in our tests, trading punches with the non-G variant while kept blank but outperforming it when filled more than 50%. We did also note a sustained write rate much higher than the drives we have tested before, being able to finish writing over 1.1TB with about 2.7GB/s, which is quite impressive! The offered heatsink really does its job and prevents throttling during intense workloads, for the Rocket 4 Plus-G to always perform at its top. read more

Can predictive AI write a hardware review if we give it raw data?

Others/Editorials by jmke @ 2023-03-09 read/post comments()

Predictive machine learning modules are all the rage now. If we feed it with some raw test data and ask to write some filler text, will it compute? read more

Crucial 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR5-5200 Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2023-03-05 read/post comments(0)

The new 5200MHz memory modules from Crucial are a great improvement in terms of overclocking versus their 4800MHz counterparts we have tested before, being able to reach 5800MHz without too much of a hassle, just by increasing the stock voltage to 1.25 and keeping the timings as the manufacturer intended. For compatibility sakes, we are also getting a 4800MHz XMP profile, while AMD users would be happy to know that these feature an EXPO profile as well! read more
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[M] Dream Machines DM4 EVO S Gaming Mouse Review

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
The DM4 EVO S can track at higher DPI values versus its predecessor thanks to the updated sensor and we found the overall experience smooth while trying Diablo 3, Wolcen, Days Gone and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves on our 2K… Go To Full Article

Microsoft reveals how it's putting ads in Bing's AI chatbot

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Over the past few days, users have reported seeing ads within the Bing chatbot experience. Based on the limited examples we've seen, the GPT-4-powered chatbot embeds relevant ad links in responses to users' actual questions. Ads don't seem to show… Go To Full Article

XPG Levante 360 ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler Review

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Description: After no less than 3 full years in the global market the once award winning Levante 360 ARGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler by XPG is finally showing its age. Go To Full Article

G-Wolves Hati-S Plus 4K @ TechPowerUp

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
The Hati-S Plus 4K comes with true 4000 Hz wireless polling, which is the unique selling point over the ACE variant. Due to a larger battery, the 4K also weighs a bit more at 51 g, and PixArt's PAW3399 sensor… Go To Full Article

PS5 launch title 'Sackboy' is free on PlayStation Plus in April

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Let's be honest: you were probably curious about Sackboy: A Big Adventure when it launched alongside the PlayStation 5, but not so much that you were willing to buy that instead of Demon's Souls or Miles Morales. Thankfully, you no… Go To Full Article

Intel updates its Xeon roadmap

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Intel held its Data Center and AI Investor webinar earlier today, updating its Xeon roadmap, and showing progress on its P-core Xeon and E-core Xeon lineups. The big surprise was the E-core Xeon lineup, the 144-core Sierra Forest Xeon, coming… Go To Full Article

Renewable power generation overtook coal in the US last year

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Renewables are already producing more energy than fossil fuels in Europe, and now the US is approaching that milestone. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) has determined that renewable power generation overtook coal in 2022, with 4,090 million megawatt-hours coming… Go To Full Article

Lamborghini's plug-in hybrid supercar runs for a cool six miles in electric-only mode

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Luxury sports cars aren’t exactly known for being eco-conscious, but Lamborghini just announced the company’s first plug-in hybrid supercar. The Lamborghini Revuelto, which translates to “scrambled,” should satisfy anyone’s need for speed, so long as they don’t look too hard… Go To Full Article

Resident Evil 4 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis @ TechPowerUp

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Resident Evil 4 is new material for lovers of the action-horror genre. In our performance review, we're taking a closer look at image quality, VRAM usage, and performance on a selection of modern graphics cards. Go To Full Article

Apple's M2 Pro Mac mini is back to a record-low price at Amazon

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Apple's latest Mac mini remains a hot item, but you can still find some savings. Amazon is once more selling the M2 Pro Mac mini at a best-ever price of $1,249, or $50 off. That's a modest discount, but the… Go To Full Article

Kingston DataTraveler Max USB 3.2 Gen 2 Flash Drive Review

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Quote: "Over the past few weeks we've taken a look at a handful of newer flash drives, from encrypted drives, to very fast drives. It seems you really are getting a lot of speed and value out of these drives… Go To Full Article

Atlas Fallen Gets Delayed to August

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Need more time to iron out the kinks Focus Entertainment and Deck13 have announced that Atlas Fallen will not be coming in May as it was originally announced and that the worldwide launch has been pushed back… Go To Full Article

Intel releases new Arc Graphics 101.4257 beta graphics driver

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Game On optimizations for Crime Boss: Rockay City game Intel has released its latest version of the Arc GPU Graphics Driver, version 101.4257 beta. This one only brings Game On support and optimizations for Crime Boss: Rockay… Go To Full Article

'The Last of Us Part I' for PC is a buggy mess

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
I love all things The Last of Us, so it pains me to report that the PC port of The Last of Us Part I, which launched yesterday, is a buggy mess. Thousands of reviews on Steam are categorized as… Go To Full Article

Kia's EV9 electric SUV will offer Level 3 autonomy and a 336-mile range

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Kia is finally sharing some specs for the EV9 electric SUV, and they may be good news for families planning road trips. The three-row EV will now include Level 3 self-driving (that is, the car drives itself in some situations… Go To Full Article

Sony's 12-megapixel full-frame ZV-E1 is a low-light vlogging beast

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Sony has unveiled its latest, and by far greatest vlogging camera to date, the full-frame ZV-E1. Equipped with the same backside-illuminated (BSI) 12-megapixel sensor as the A7S III, it promises excellent low-light performance, 4K at up to 120p and a… Go To Full Article

Tech leaders and AI experts demand a six-month pause on 'out-of-control' AI experimen

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
An open letter signed by tech leaders and prominent AI researchers has called for AI labs and companies to "immediately pause" their work. Signatories like Steve Wozniak and Elon Musk agree risks warrant a minimum six month break from producing… Go To Full Article

Microsoft doubles the speed of Teams desktop client

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Also claims it uses half of its system resources Software King of the World Microsoft has previewed an improved Teams desktop client for Windows which it claims will be “twice as fast while using half the system… Go To Full Article

Lenovo kills off gaming phone business

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Legion disbanded Lenovo has shut down its Legion gaming phone business. According to Android Authority Lenovo is discontinuing its Android-based Legion mobile gaming phones as part of a wider business transformation and gaming portfolio… Go To Full Article

Apple sued for firing pro-union workers

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
CWA tells Jobs’ Mob it is time to modernise The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has accused Apple of illegally firing employees in retaliation for their union organising efforts. The Communications Workers of America… Go To Full Article

Apple Pay Later arrives

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Ironically late Fruity cargo cult Apple has introduced Apple Pay Later scheme in the US, later than Jobs' Mob thought it would be. The Tame Apple Press is positively moist with the ability to… Go To Full Article

Logitech's Zone Learn headset for kids has swappable ear pads and wires

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Logitech has launched a kid-friendly version of its Zone headset called Zone Learn, specifically designed for their educational needs. While it was created to be durable like many other devices for children — it's even supposed to be "chew-resistant" —… Go To Full Article

Nvidia says cryptocurrencies useless to god and man

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Just suck up technology The GPU maker named after a Roman vengeance demon, Nvidia has said cryptocurrencies do not “bring anything useful for society” despite making a killing selling processors in huge quantities to the sector.… Go To Full Article

Vole beavers away on Core OS

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
Modular and customisable variant of Windows Software King of the World Microsoft is having a go at modernising the Windows platform with many of the same innovations it was working on for Windows Core OS. Go To Full Article

Ukraine war production stalled by cat videos

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
TikTok data centre stealing the power Norwegian company arms company Nammo has complained that it can’t expand its production of artillery shells to support Ukraine because of "cat videos" on TikTok. To make an… Go To Full Article

Shark's self-emptying robot vacuum is 50 percent off

@ 2023/03/30 read/post comments(0)
If you dread having to vacuum — who doesn't? — you may want to consider investing in a robot model to do it for you. While many options come with a high price tag, the self-emptying Shark RV1001AE IQ Robot… Go To Full Article

Lucid Motors is laying off 1,300 workers to reduce expenses

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By the end of this week, 1,300 people who work for Lucid Motors will know they're going to lose their jobs. The luxury electric vehicle maker has notified (PDF) the US Securities and Exchange Commission in a filing that it's… Go To Full Article

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 | Warzone 2.0: FSR 2.1 vs. DLSS Comparison @ TechPower

@ 2023/03/29 read/post comments(0)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 | Warzone 2.0 has recently been updated with official support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1 (FSR 2.1). In this mini-review, we take a look, comparing the image quality and performance gains offered by… Go To Full Article

Steam won't work on Windows 7/8/8.1 as of 2024

@ 2023/03/29 read/post comments(0)
Valve has announced that it will be ending support for Steam on the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems as of January 1st, 2024. Go To Full Article

Lockheed Martin is building a Moon-to-Earth satellite communications network

@ 2023/03/29 read/post comments(0)
If humanity is going to have a long-term presence on the Moon, it's going to need reliable communications — and Lockheed Martin thinks it can provide that link. The company has created a spinoff devoted to lunar infrastructure, Crescent Space,… Go To Full Article

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