Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2020-04-02 read/post comments(0)

Judging by the length of the supplied USB Type-C cable, the X8 was mainly thought to be used with more portable devices such as laptops, tablets or even consoles. Thanks to the high read/write speeds, we can successfully use the drive for productivity tasks and not only for backups and data migration from one computer to the other, solving a lot of issues in case your device has not been equipped with a high-capacity SSD. During normal use, the aluminum unibody chassis of the product can become warm to the touch, meaning that it is also used as a heatsink for the internal drive. read more

Silicon Power Armor A80 Waterproof & Shockproof Portable HDD Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2020-03-29 read/post comments(0)

The Armor A80 portable hard drive from Silicon Power comes with a premium build, which was pre-tested in order to be compliant with U.S. military drop test requirements, meets water resistant standard IEC 529 IPX7, transforming the product in a water, pressure, vibration and dust resistant model. While for the 2TB version we have found a WD Blue 2.5’’ 7mm PC HDD inside, the drive is surrounded by a shock-resistant silica gel in order to protect it from damages. read more


Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-03-25 read/post comments(0)

In order to try out the new SCIMITAR RGB ELITE, we fired up Grim Dawn, TERA but also StarCraft II; after positioning the Key Slider Control system to our liking, the 12-button assembly was easily accessible for accessing our macros. We could work with the spells/actions faster than accessing the keyboard keys and during this time the mouse shape did really help as well regarding comfort. For other game types such as FPS we would go though with lighter mice though, since this model weights about 122g without the cable. read more

Toshiba P300 6TB Desktop PC Hard Drive Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2020-03-20 read/post comments(0)

Over the previously tested P300 4TB, the 6TB version has improvements regarding both read and write speeds, but in regular operation the two drives will perform about the same. What is to be appreciated here is the increased storage capacity, while keeping the noise levels and power consumption to a minimum. We have performed out testing without a direct airflow to the drive, and never seen temperatures raising over 33 degrees Celsius, meaning that the product will operate fine in cases with less than decent ventilation as well. read more

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2020-03-18 read/post comments(0)

It was only a matter of time till Razer would bring the latest technologies to its signature DeathAdder mouse; we have tested the mouse in The Division 2, Dying Light and Beyond: Two Souls and we were quite impressed with the comfort this mouse can offer, even during longer gaming sessions. The high-performance sensor is quite overkill for most mainstream gamers, but a delight for competitive gamers that need to squeeze even the last bit of performance out of their gear. read more

Toshiba P300 4TB Desktop PC Hard Drive Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2020-03-14 read/post comments(0)

While the transfer rates are a bit lower when compared with 7200RPM drives of the same capacity, we are seeing good numbers for both reads and writes, making the P300 4TB a great mainstream drive, for use along an SSD. Considering that the necessary space for storing multimedia content such as games, 4K movies but also productivity tools has been increased considerably (we have seen some AAA gaming titles requiring over 100GB of space), a drive like this should be the answer if you are not overly-pretentious regarding loading times. Another great use for these drives is for backups and generally lower RPM drives tend to produce less vibrations as well. read more
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AMC's free streaming TV includes 'The Walking Dead' and 'MST3K'

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
AMC is joining the ranks of high-profile TV networks in streaming shows for free during the COVID-19 pandemic. To start, it's making the first half of The Walking Dead's tenth season free to watch from the AMC website and apps… Go To Full Article

Apple may bring 'real' home screen widgets to iOS 14

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Widgets have been present in iOS for years, but they're usually on a dedicated screen rather than wherever you want them to be, as with Android. Soon, however, you might have that flexibility. As part of an ongoing string of… Go To Full Article

Apple appears to to be acquiring virtual event company NextVR

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Apple's augmented reality plans may have received a quiet but important boost.The 9to5Mac team claims that Apple is the midst of acquiring virtual event broadcasting company NextVR in a deal worth about $100 Go To Full Article

'Artemis Fowl' will debut on Disney+

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Disney has adjusted the theatrical release dates for its biggest upcoming movies this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, except for Artemis Fowl. Instead of pushing back its opening date from May 29th to a later one, the entertainment giant… Go To Full Article

Skype rolls out 'Meet Now' calls that don't need a a sign-up or installation

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
With people forced out of their offices and schools to avoid spreading coronavirus, there are more video calls going on than ever. However, a significant chunk of the action has gone to Zoom, and not Skype, Microsoft's product that has… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE Z390 Aorus Master Motherboard Review

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
The Aorus Master model is one of GIGABYTE’s most popular and feature-rich Z390 motherboards and today we’re going to find out exactly why that is. Go To Full Article

Apple's latest acquisition could help Siri understand what you're saying

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
The battle between AI voice assistants continues to rage on, and now Apple has acquired a tech firm, Voysis, that is all about helping computers understand natural language. As reported by Bloomberg, the firm's now-deleted website said it could p...… Go To Full Article

Porsche's virtual race series starts tomorrow with pro drivers at the wheel

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
It's not just multi-manufacturer racing leagues like NASCAR going digital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Porsche is livestreaming its Mobil 1 Supercup Virtual Edition starting on April 4th at 10AM Eastern, when drivers take to a digital version o... … Go To Full Article

The latest iPad Pro disables mics when its case is closed

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
These days, any connected device with a microphone could arguably be treated with suspicion, from smart speakers to phones to computers. Apple helped to address privacy concerns in 2018 by adding a feature that disconnects MacBook microphones when th... Go To Full Article

Deadpool is Fortnite's latest playable crossover cameo

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
While he's been in the periphery of the game since the start of the current season, Deadpool is finally making his way to Fortnite proper. If you purchased this season's battle pass, you can obtain the skin by finding the… Go To Full Article

Ten years in, a look at the iPad killers that weren't

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Apple's original iPad went on sale 10 years ago today, which means that it's been 10 years since people finally started taking tablets seriously. Hyperbole? Not really. The idea of a tablet computer had been kicked around for years, fueled… Go To Full Article

SK Hynix: Up to DDR5-8400 at 1.1 Volts

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Back in November last year, we reported that SK Hynix had developed and deployed its first DDR5 DRAM. Fast forward to the present, and we also know SK Hynix has recently been working on its DDR5-6400 DRAM, but today the… Go To Full Article

A sequel to beloved indie game 'Rogue Legacy' is in the works

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
What at first seemed like a potential April Fool's joke has turned out to be real: almost seven years after the original came out, Cellar Door Games has confirmed it's working on a Rogue Legacy sequel. The indie studio didn't… Go To Full Article

Google Fi temporarily increases data limits to 30GB per month

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Like the major telecom providers, Google recognizes that people are spending more time on their phones during the coronavirus pandemic. To help meet that demand, Google Fi is doubling the data its customers can use before they are downgraded to… Go To Full Article

Razer Refreshes Blade 15 Series With Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Along with many other OEMs in the notebook segment at the moment, Razer has joined in the fray with the launch of two new models of its Blade 15 series of gaming notebooks. Building upon Intel's newly announced 10th generation… Go To Full Article

Lyft will provide free scooter rides to critical workers

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Last week, Lyft announced that it would provide free bike rides for healthcare workers in New York City, Chicago, the Bay Area and Boston who are helping to keep the public safe during the coronavirus pandemic. The company is expanding… Go To Full Article

Scythe Shuriken 2 @ TechPowerUp

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Scythe looks to up their game in the low-profile CPU cooler market with the Shuriken 2. Like its larger siblings, this ultra-compact cooler delivers exceptional performance for its size with no excess noise because of a well-designed slim 92 mm… Go To Full Article

The Samsung Galaxy S20+, S20 Ultra Exynos & Snapdragon Review

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
It’s been a long couple of weeks, but the wait is now finally over. Today we’re ready to go on a deep dive into Samsung’s most important phones of 2020; the new Galaxy S20 series represents a huge jump for… Go To Full Article

GoPro's Max gets much-needed 360 time lapse features

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
While the world remains on lockdown, your GoPro might feel a little neglected. But if you own a Max, you might want to keep it handy. The 360 camera is getting a firmware update that adds a few features that… Go To Full Article

Disney+ will stop cropping old 'Simpsons' episodes in May

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
With Disney acquiring Fox, the entire Simpsons catalog came to Disney+ streaming, which was great for fans of the show. However, after learning nothing from FXX, Disney aired the pre-2009 seasons in widescreen rather than the original 4:3 format. Tha...… Go To Full Article

Intel launches 5.3GHz 10th Gen Intel Core H

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
100+ design wins with 30+ slimmer than 20mm It is not surprising that just two days after AMD had its moment and launched its Renoir high-end notebook processors, Intel has launched six new Core H series where… Go To Full Article

Apple Stores in the US will remain closed until early May

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
If you’re in the US, don’t expect your nearest Apple Store to reopen anytime soon. In a memo obtained by Bloomberg, Apple SVP Deirdre O’Brien told retail employees that its retail stores will remain closed until early May due to… Go To Full Article

Boeing 787 must be turned off and on again

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
This will stop catastrophes The US Federal Aviation Administration has ordered Boeing 787 operators to switch their aircraft off and on every 51 days to prevent what it called several potential catastrophes. Apparently, this… Go To Full Article

Call of Duty wins court battle

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Manufacturers cannot claim copyright on Hummers images You would think that the makers of Hummers would be rather pleased to see their oversized off-roaders being used in a realistic combat game, but apparently not. AM General, the… Go To Full Article

SK Hynix releases more info on DDR5

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Die Die my darling SK Hynix has released more info on its upcoming DDR5 memory, which it has developed in correspondence with JEDEC's progression of the standard and it quadruples the maximum capacity of DDR4 dies.… Go To Full Article

Google's COVID-19 reports show where people are obeying stay-at-home orders

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Google has unveiled the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports in an effort to help public health officials understand how people are moving about in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The reports show location data from folks who have agreed to shar...… Go To Full Article

Zoom poses security threats

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Probably not the best for your video communications While many are switching to Zoom to solve their coronavirus lockdown communications problems, the video conferencing software has been dubbed a security nightmare by those in the know.… Go To Full Article

10th-Gen Intel Core processor Comet Lake H is out

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Breaks the 5Ghz barrier , goes to 5.3GHz Intel’s claims its 10th-gen mobile CPUs have broken the 5GHz barrier to bring better overall performance, faster 4K video rendering and higher frames per second in gaming, to mobile… Go To Full Article

Morrisons not responsible for 2014 data breach

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Supreme Court ruling The UK's Supreme Court ruled that British supermarket group Morrisons cannot be held liable for a 2014 data breach in which a former employee posted personal details of over 100,000 staff members on internet. Go To Full Article

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' multiplayer is free this weekend

@ 2020/04/05 read/post comments(0)
Smitten by Call of Duty: Warzone, but not sure if the rebooted Modern Warfare is worth the price of admission? Good news: for three days, the multiplayer portion of Infinity Ward's latest shooter is going free-t Go To Full Article

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